Freezable Protection

During the cold Midwestern winter months, the mercury can dip well below freezing.  As a part of our Value Added service program, we provide protective service for freight that is sensitive to cold.

Most terminals are equipped with warm rooms for those long winter nights when the temperatures drop. In addition, we use special "warm blankets" to ensure your shipment is warm and snug during transit.
Our goal is to protect your freight from freezing


Revised November 2, 2016

The following freezable policy has been established to ensure proper protection and movement of our customer’s freezable merchandise during the coming winter.

LME Region
Territory Covered:  Direct line points only. This includes Illinois, Indianapolis, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Freezables will not be handled to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

  • Overnight Points - Monday thru Thursday
  • 2nd Day Points - Monday thru Wednesday

Ice & Snow

Extreme Conditions: During major winter storms or when the temperatures are extremely cold, the pick up and handling of freezables may be temporarily suspended.
BOL & Frt Notations Notations on Bill of Lading & Freight: The body of the Bill of Lading and its corresponding freight must be clearly marked “FREEZABLE” or “PROTECT FROM FREEZING”.  Without this notation, LME, Inc. can not be held responsible for protection.

Holiday Exclusions:
Holidays - 2016
Freezable Shipments
will be Picked Up on
Monday November 21st -
  Direct, 2nd day and overnight points only
Tuesday November 22nd -
  Direct overnight points only
No freezables will be picked up on November 23; closed November 24-25 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.
Wednesday December 21st -
  Direct, 2nd day and overnight points only
Thursday December 22nd -
  Direct overnight points only
No freezables will be picked up on December 23; closed December 23rd and 26th in observance of the Christmas holiday.
New Year's
Wednesday December 28th -
  Direct, 2nd day and overnight points only
Thursday December 29th -
  Direct overnight points only
No freezables will be picked up December 30, 2016. Closed January 2, 2017 in observance of the New Year's holiday.

Please Note
Additional Information:
  • Please be advised: If there is a choice between delivering the shipment on time, but exposing it to freezing OR to protect the shipment with a delay in delivery, LME,INC. CHOOSES TO PROTECT AND DELAY.
  • Shipments requiring a specified temperature (ie: Maintain at 45 degrees or similar notations) will NOT BE ACCEPTED. If inadvertently accepted LME shall have no liability for any shipment damaged.
  • Cost Breakdown: Effective November 2, 2016 to April 11, 2017 a 10% surcharge, applied to the net freight charges, with a $25.00 Minimum charge will apply in addition to all other rates and charges requiring protection from freezing on direct service shipments only.
  • Freezable freight should be palletized to allow good circulation of the warm air. Freight placed directly on the floor has a much greater chance to freeze vs. the freight that is top loaded or palletized. This is especially true for freight packaged in drums.

Should you desire additional information on the availability of freezable service, please contact your LME, Inc. representative or the terminal service center serving your area.

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(revised November 2, 2016) Freezable Protective Service Policy

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