EDI Capabilities
LME utilizes an IBM iSeries eServer 520 computer system which has excellent EDI capabilities. Upgrades and changes are performed by our own in-house programming/EDI staff, under the direction of our Vice President of Management Information Systems (MIS). We comply with all nationally recognized EDI data formats and standards and work closely with our business partners and with our customers to ensure data security and integrity.

LME currently receives the following ANSI X12 EDI transaction sets:

204 MC Load Tender 820 Remittance Advice
210 Freight Invoices 997 Functional Acknowledgements
211 MC Bill of Lading
214 Shipment Status

LME currently transmits the following ANSI X12 EDI transaction sets:

210 Freight Bills 997 Functional Acknowledgements
214 Shipping Status

We work with versions 2000 through 4060.  An ISA envelope is preferred although we can use a BG. If your requirements are different than our current capabilities, we would be happy to discuss your individual needs.

Report Capabilities

In addition to the EDI systems, we also offer other electronically generated reports which can be transmitted directly to customers (e-mail, fax or hard copy) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Standard formats for these reports are available although we will work with individual customers to present information in a customized format.

The following reports are available:
  • Weekly and/or Monthly Service Reports
  • Manifests by Shipper or Consignee (showing shipments picked up or delivered)
  • Daily Manifests indicating status of shipments until delivery