We've Got a Schedule to Meet. Yours!
Xpress Gold® Guaranteed Service.
Because it's just gotta be there.

By the day. By noon. By 10:00AM. By the hour.
Xpress Gold Advantage

If it Doesn't, there's No Charge.***

When you ship Xpress Gold® you'll know exactly where your freight is every step of the way. Xpress Gold Guaranteed Service from LME gives you peace of mind on your most important shipments.

Prices as low as $25.00

Xpress Gold® Guaranteed Service from LME provides you with date and time guaranteed delivery points within our 10-state core service region.

Xpress Gold® TRNET Guaranteed Service provides you with guaranteed standard delivery to points outside our 10-state core service region.

Service Delivery Time
Xpress Gold Standard Guaranteed Standard Delivery* For as little as $25.00
Xpress Gold Noon Guaranteed Standard Delivery* by 12:00 Noon
Xpress Gold Ten Guaranteed Standard Delivery* by 10:00 A.M.
Xpress Gold Expedited Time or Date Specific Delivery, including Weekends or Holidays**
Xpress Gold TRNET*** Guaranteed Standard Delivery* 0-250 lbs
Xpress Gold TRNET*** Guaranteed Standard Delivery* 251-5000 lbs
Xpress Gold TRNET*** Guaranteed Standard Delivery 5001+ lbs or 12+ ft of trailer**

* Standard delivery is for dock to dock (point to point) service for shipments UNDER 5000 lbs for TRNET or UNDER 10000 lbs for Xpress Gold Direct service and Under 12ft of space for the published transit time. Shipments that exceed these parameters are quoted on an individual basis. (Shipment charges are based on your regular pricing program with an additional fee for Xpress Gold Guaranteed Service).
** Quoted individually. (Call 1-866-563-977 for quote and service availability).
*** Restrictions apply to Xpress Gold TRNET guaranteed moves.