What is the best way to view your Web site
 This site can be viewed with any browser, however it is best viewed with Internet Explorer 6.x or later, and it can be viewed at any resolution or color depth (we recommend 800x600 or greater and at least 256 colors). The site utilizes tables (no frames) for easy bookmarking and printing. We suggest you bookmark the home page and any other pages you find yourself returning to frequently. We also use Adobe Acrobat PDF files to deliver some documents. Please download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to allow viewing of certain documents on this site.

Please note: Some features of this site may not produce the desired results when accessing features from certain internet browsers (other than Internet Explorer 6.x) or when accessing from a computer platform other than a PC. For optimum usage please use a PC equipped with Internet Explorer 6.x or later.

What is your corporate mailing address?
  Corporate mailing address:
    LME, Inc.
    P.O. Box 130098
    Roseville, MN 55113-0003

Corporate physical address:
    LME, Inc.
    500 County Road D West
    New Brighton, MN 55112-3520

General Corporate E-mail address: info@lme4me.com

What is your corporate remittance address?
  When sending via mail or overnight courier, send to:
    LME, Inc.
    PO Box 88271
    Chicago, IL 60680

Please make checks payable to LME, Inc.

Please contact our collections department at 800-888-4950 for wire transfer and ACH/EDI routing and account numbers.

What is your corporate phone number?
  Local: 651-636-8900
Toll Free: 800-888-4950
Fax: 651-638-9694

Also, for your convenience:
    Central Customer Service
        Fax 651-481-8106

    Rate Department

    Xpress Gold® Guaranteed Service

What is your SCAC?

Note: The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) is is a unique two-to-four-letter code used to identify transportation companies. It is assigned by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc.This organization developed the SCAC identification codes in the mid 1960's to facilitate computerization in the transportation industry.

How can I track a shipment directly by using a URL?

The URL for the tracking link is:

(The 9999999999 is the pro number to be tracked.)

How can I make a rate inquiry using a URL?
The LME, Inc. Rate Inquiry URL Application allows LME customers to connect to lme4me.com to make a general rate inquiry. (Inquiries may only be made using the LKVL 500 tariff in effect on the date of shipment; customer-specific pricing is not available when making an inquiry using this URL.)

Use the following formatted URL to make the rate inquiry by adding or removing fields as needed:


Use the field information below to properly construct the URL

Required Fields
Query String Parameter Description
OZIP Origin Zip Code
DZIP Destination Zip Code
WGT1 Item Weight NOTE - Up to 10 item weights can be entered (e.g. WGT1, WGT2, ..., WGT10)
CLASS1 Item Class NOTE - Up to 10 item weights can be entered (e.g. CLASS1, CLASS2, ..., CLASS10)
PU_DATE Pickup Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Optional Parameter and Defaults
Query String Parameter Description Default Values
PAYTERMS Payment Terms P P - Prepaid
C - Collect
HAZMAT Shipment Contains Hazardous Materails N N - No
Y - Yes
COD Is shipment COD N N - No
Y - Yes
CODPAYTERMS COD payment terms None Set P - Prepaid
C - Collect
CODAMT AMT LME will collect for COD None Set Any numeric value
DISCOUNT Discount Percentage NOTE: Enter a whole percentage number (e.g 40% = 40) None Set Any numeric value between 0 and 100
MIN_FLOOR Minium Floor charge None Set Any numeric value
OCITY Origin City None Set Any City Name
OSTATE Origin State None Set Any valid state code
DCITY Destination City None Set Any City Name
DSTATE Destination State None Set Any valid state code

Additional Service Options

The following field are optional and are used to select Pickup and Delivery options. To use these options, add the parameter to the query string and set the value to Y. (e.g. HP=Y).

Pickup Services at Origin
Query String Parameter Description
HP Private Residence Pickup
IP Inside Pickup
LAO Limited Access Pickup
LGO Liftgate Required

Delivery Types
Query String Parameter Description
CA Call For Appointment
CL Call Consignee Before Delivery
HD Private Residence Delivery
ID Inside Delivery
LAD Limited Access Delivery
LGD Liftgate Required
CV Call For Carrier Convenience