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A commitment to quality. Service a step above. Individualized transportation solutions. All have been used to describe the legacy LME has built in its 90-plus years as a regional, Midwest-based motor carrier.

When Vincent Wren started his rural delivery company back in 1921, he knew the work would be hard, the hours long. After loading heavy milk cans, collected from small dairy farms dotting the landscape around the suburban community of Lakeville, MN, Vincent would deliver the fresh milk to the Franklin Creamery in Minneapolis. On the return trip he would bring back groceries and farm supplies. In the cold winter months, a plow would be attached to the truck so Vincent could navigate the snow-packed, dirt roads leading to the farmsteads. In the spring and early summer, he’d risk getting stuck when those same dirt roads turned to mud. But Vincent persevered and grew his business.

Turn the clock forward ninety years and you'll still find that the men and women of LME have the same dedication to hard work and customer satisfaction. Now owned and operated by the Wilsey family - Roger Wilsey Sr and Shari Taylor Wilsey – LME is a modern less-than truckload (LTL), truckload and supply chain services company. We're still serving Lakeville and the Minneapolis-St. Paul markets but now our regional operation spans 10 Upper Midwest states. Our commitment to building long-term customer relationships and providing consistent, quality service has not diminished through the years. We specialize in providing sophisticated, workable solutions to your supply chain challenges. With LME, you'll experience service products that are perhaps the most exciting, market-driven and customer pleasing in the industry.

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Company Timeline:
1921 –
Founding of LME as a rural delivery company by Vincent T. Wren. Lakeville Motor Express served farmers in the Minnesota towns of Lakeville, New Market, Farmington and Rosemount. Within a few years, Vincent owns a fleet of 3 trucks.

1925 –
Vincent expands the business to include the Lyndale Garage, with 2 gas pumps, an air hose and a repair area for trucks and cars. Later, he also enters the house moving business and develops several sites as a general contractor.

1930’s –
The trucking business continues to grow. A large portion of the company's fleet is lost in a fire; despite the national Depression, the company re-builds. Vincent Wren elected mayor of the city of Lakeville in the mid 30’s.

1940’s –
LME changes phone numbers and starts publishing advertisements about direct service.

1961 –
Vincent dies of cancer and leadership of the company passes to the oldest of Vincent’s five children, Charles.

1979 –
Company annual revenue reaches $1.1 million; Charlie Wren retires and the next oldest son, John, takes the reins of the company. The main terminal and company offices move to Roseville, MN.

1980 –
Interstate trucking deregulation. LME begins to expand outside of Minnesota.

1986 –
Annual revenue grows to $8.9 million.

1987 –
LME continues to grow, serving points in Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Dakota’s plus a few points in Iowa. Annual revenue reaches $9.9 million.

1988 –
Tom Hughes joins LME as president and chief operating officer. John Wren becomes CEO. LME invests $800,000 in new equipment.

1995 –
Federal preemption of state regulation, eliminating controls over intrastate freight rates and truck routes. Prior to this time, almost half of LME’s revenue derived from intrastate operations.

1996 –
LME joins with Estes Express Lines, G.I. Trucking Company and TST Overland Express to form ExpressLINK, providing regional customers faster transit times, integrated data systems and streamlined operations.

1997 –
Revenue reaches $31.4 million. LME adds terminals in Milwaukee, Chicago, Omaha and Des Moines.

1998-99 -
John Wren serves as ATA Chairman, after heading up the progressive Wren Committee which restructured the American Trucking Associations dues payments, structure and governance. Annual revenue reaches $36.3 million.

2000 –
Peter Martin named President of Lakeville Motor Express. Regional expansion, ExpressLINK growth and investment in computer and information systems help annual revenue expand to $49.7 million.

2001-02 –
Emerging markets in Kansas, Missouri and outstate Illinois help propel annual revenue to $57.0 million in 2001 and $68.3 million in 2002.

2003 –
LME launches Xpress Gold® Guaranteed Service. Revenue reaches $79.0 million.

2005 –
Revenue reaches $113 million.

2006 –
LME celebrates the 85th anniversary of its founding.

2008 –
The Reliance Network is launched. An across-the-continent coalition of regional transportation companies offering seamless coverage through hundreds of service centers provided by more than 15,000 professionals. LME corporate headquarters moves to a larger more modern facility in New Brighton,MN.

2009 –
- Randall-Reilly Publishing's Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) presented LME with its 5th annual Innovator of the Year Award for its leadership in "the development of a bold transportation network" (The Reliance Network).

- LME is purchased by Roger D. Wilsey Sr and Shari K. Taylor Wilsey. Roger, who joined the company in 2001, was previously LME’s vice president of administration and corporate compliance. The tradition of family ownership and hands-on management is now assured to continue into the new decade.

2010 –
LME purchases 50 tractors and 120 trailers, 80 of the trailers brand new with E-Track Trailer Cargo Control systems. Teletrac Vehicle Tracking GPS added to all tractors. Dock upgrades and new security systems (enabling 24/7 lockdown) at the St. Paul terminal. LME named a Top 100 Motor Carrier by Inbound Logistics Magazine.

2011 –
LME celebrates 90 years in service with the purchase of 165 new International ProStar+ tractors and 60 new Kenworth T800 tractors to further reduce the carbon footprint of LME on the world through increased fuel economy of around 15%.

2012 –
LME moves into it's 91st year of operation with adding 10 new straight trucks, 50 E-Track equipped trailers, and additional lift gate equipped trailers at each terminal location.

2013 –
LME replaces the remainder of the older trailers with new Stoughton trailers also adding additional temperature control trailers. LME expanded it's guaranteed service, Xpress Gold, to include all of North America through it's partnership in The Reliance Network.

2014 –
LME effectively increases visibility of freight movement with tablets and Cheetah tracking at more terminals improving communications between drivers and supporting staff members.

Driver Ambrose Kim stands beside one of the company's early Wilcox trucks

Advertising from the 1940’s

LME straight truck in the 1950’s

LME in the 1980's

LME Late 1990's - 2000's

Shari and Roger

LME 2014